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Gator Machete

Rise up from the swamps with the Gator! This is Gerber’s take on the classic anti-walker machete. It’s a two pronged attack with both a fine edge and serrated edge. Forged of high-carbon stainless steel, the flesh of the undead and their viral residue never stick to the Gator’s blade. Made to protect you and your loved ones in the harshest of post-outbreak environments, it’s a dual-purpose machete made to withstand the worst that the uprising has to offer.

*Other uses include sawing limbs and clearing brush.

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Item # 31-000758
  • Overall Length: 65.3 cm
  • Blade Length: 45.7 cm
  • Weight: 510 g
  • Head: High Carbon Steel
  • Handle: High Carbon Steel
  • Handle: Gator-Grip


  • Tactile rubber grip
  • Fine edge and saw blade
  • Riveted, nylon sheath included
4 Mr Marc Carlton - JAN 2, 2015

I bought this Gator machete and after reading the reviews i was shocked. i have used mine and nothing has gone wrong with it so far (touch wood) and i think it is a great tool to have...

1 Mr Damon Northcutt - FEB 18, 2012

Handle broke after 3 days of use. Looks really tough and durable but the blade does not go through the entire handle. The grip broke while clearly brush and small palmetto bushes. Great blade once sharpen and the handle is very comfortable but the design flaw on the blade/handle makes for a weak and unreliable tool.

2 nice try, but no cigar jamie - FEB 15, 2012

well, it came in the mail yesterday and I was pumped. looked good but I feel it could have been much sharper out of the package, so I spent the better part of a few hours reshaping and sharpening the edge. then today I decided to try it on a few limbs in the yard. it cut alright but the blade felt loose in the handle. so, I take out the bolts and see that the blade has almost no tang..... I am very disappointed.

3 Dull Edge Dakota Lusk - JAN 27, 2012

I was very disappointed in the sharpness of the blade out of package,It was dull to the point I could run my hand across the entire blade and it was almost useless trying to clear some branches.After I tried to use it I had to tighten the bolt on the handle because its not a full tang and in a machete that is inexcusable.

3 Where is the Tang? Adam - JAN 23, 2012

Recieved this machete as a gift for Christmas from a survivalist friend. The performance and cutting power was impressive BUT the Gator has a major flaw. The handle is a piece of bolted on plastic with out a full tang. On a back swing i hit a branch of an adjacent tree, breaking the blade from the handle and striking myself in the back with the blade. I'm rather disappointed in gerber on skimping on a few extra important inches of metal.

2 False Advertising Jason - JAN 4, 2012

Beware the 2005 insignia is the one being sold, not the 2012!

5 USAF Mike - DEC 31, 2011

Bought the machete a year ago and still love it.

4 USAF Matt - DEC 29, 2011

Bought the knife a few weeks ago. Out of the package if was VERY VERY dull!! After an hour or so of sharpening I got a ok sharpness to it. Took it outside to test and works great. I have small vine like plants all over. It cut through them with no problems. It also cut though about 1 to 1.5 inch small trees with ease. If Gerber can get these sharper before they ship them out it would get 5 out of 5 instead of 4 out of 5.

4 Shadetree Engineer Phil - DEC 15, 2011

Very good job on the marketing, love it! This knife comes the closest to what I want but literally falls short at being 9 inches shorter than what I find to be most useful in the woods. I have a christmas-tree shearing knife which has awesome reach and superior tip speed for deeply penetrating cuts. Also great at reaching into blackberries without getting thorns into my gloves. Having the tip of your knife curve upwards is not very useful as a brush-clearing tool and is only so that it 'appears' like a traditional machete so customers wont get weirded out from buying this. I usually skip on sharpening that portion of a blade as it's just a waste of time to work on that when I could be off doing survival stuff instead. The first 8 inches along the bottom of the blade is where the real action happens. Another item I absolutely need in a bush knife is an extension to keep the grip from slipping out of your hand. Anyone who has used any kind of machete or even a shearing knife, for hours at a time, knows what its like when your hand gets tired but the job's not done. You need to be able to hold on to your knife even when you have no strength left to keep swinging! So it's a good idea if the knife does the holding for you. A true survival knife will be capable of continued use should the plastic grip break off - the blade needs to extend full length through the grip and be shaped like a grip. While I would prefer the handle to be angled down so that my wrist is at a more efficient hold for transferring energy into a strike, having the saw tooth blade does require a compromise for a straight handle such as this. I like the staggered spacing on the teeth, which might help in starting a cutting stroke without grabbing too hard and jamming. I would hope that a standard triangle file will reach into each tooth for later sharpening? Nice to be able to saw through some potential firewood, I like that. Never know when you might want to cook something while in the woods...

4 Police Officer Spencer - DEC 14, 2011

I quite enjoyed this Machete. The blade is very tough and slightly flexible, very easy to sharpen which is good because it DOESN'T COME SHARP. the saw teeth are good for making your way through thicker brush as well. I took this hiking today and had a blast with it. The only drawback is the sheath (as with other Gerber products it seems), because from one day of use, the belt loop is beginning to tear off and I had to have my wife reinforce it with nylon thread.

Still an excellent brush knife. A joy to use.
Also, some people complained about the weight, but I found it was very comfortable (both in weight and grip), and I had no trouble cutting through wrist thick branches in one swing.

5 Wanderer one man wolfpack - DEC 11, 2011

Hunter/Explorer: I agree, the handle is definitely not the best I've used. I would have preferred a pinky-finger extension curve for added stability and slip prevention, and better material. A solid-butt end wouldn't hurt, no. I would also have preferred it to be more hefty in the weight department, for a good feel.
I disagree with everything else you said, though. The blade length feels right. I don't want a flat spot on a basic utility machete like this, if I'm doing a specialty task like you're suggesting then I would prefer one designed specifically for that. This is a basic pathclearing tool, and works just fine in that role. It is lightweight, but it's certainly not flimsy.. The thinness does not translate into frailty. I used it to lead my girlfriend through wild Florida Preserve brush and overgrowth to get to a camping spot we like, and found ourselves overwhelmed by several walking dead that had wandered into the swamp. I return to report that I am impressed: it cleaned up well and did not lose its edge, after battling sinew, bone and sapling wood/dried brush/brackish water environment.
..Wear gloves with grip however (like Pug), this is not the best barehand weapon to lay waste to the dead.

2 Explorer Pittbull - DEC 4, 2011

Not a true survival machete. Its just badly thought out. Not strong enough not long enough just a really really really bad handle and I do mean a terrible handle.The completely saw tooth spine edge does not allow for push off or down pressure and tree bark stripping.

3 Hunter Hunter - DEC 4, 2011

This Is NOT A SURVIVAL MACHETE its to light weight and the handle is the wrong style it should have a flat steel but end. Its to short and thin and the front edge should not be saw toothed it should have a flat spot so you can apply pressure to cut something without having to hack at it.

5 The Charmer Jimmy Docs - NOV 21, 2011

This machete milkshake will bring ALL the boys to the yard! Side note.... Not as weighty as I would like.... May take two full force whacks to completely sever a zombie head.

4 I'll be back Terminator - NOV 19, 2011

Awesome go to weapon.

5 Zombie Killer Corporal Punishment - NOV 1, 2011

Bought this a few months ago to clear some bush. Works great, right honey? Imagine my surprise when I realized that it kills zombies too? Great marketing Gerber. Solid construction.

5 YEAH little girl - OCT 23, 2011

A good tool !

4 Zombie Food Adam - OCT 22, 2011

They still got me, maybe I should've got the parang, mmmmmmmhhhhhhaaaaa, braaaaaainnnnnnsssss

2 Not full pang machetebrah - OCT 21, 2011

The blade doesn't go through the handle.

Whats up with that Gerber? AND it doesn't even come sharpened.

I guess for $20 you cant complain.

5 Zombie Killer Extraordinaire Matt - OCT 20, 2011

I have had this machete for almost 3 years now. Of all the machetes I have owned, this one is by far the best. I have taken down groves of bamboo with it, some as thick as 1.5" with one swipe. I have used the serrated edge to prune trees from my upstairs

3 Zombie Hip-wader Billy Wardlaw - OCT 20, 2011

I like the lines and weight but that grip is not well designed for how it would be used (a thumb rest, really?) Put Gator Pro grip on it and you have a tool.

5 Master Motorboater Indie - OCT 18, 2011


1 Walker Rarrghugh - OCT 18, 2011

Hhngn Rarrr brainn no good like....oooraraaahhhhgghhh

5 Mr Steve Harvey - OCT 18, 2011

Your guys are marketing geniuses!

5 Little old lady Lana - OCT 16, 2011

Bought 2 of these a couple of years ago so we could have one where ever we need it. Tough durable tool.

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